Orthotic Sandals For Women

Orthotics and Stockings

Orthotics are orthopedic devices that are used to alter or modify foot function and are designed to treat, adjust, and support various biomechanical foot disorders. Some orthotics are simple, commercially-made devices, such as cushioned heel cups or insoles for shoes. These are available off-the-shelf from any Departmental store.
The most effective orthotics, however, are custom-made devices that are crafted to meet the specific needs of a particular individual. Custom orthotics are created using an impression of the foot called a cast, which duplicates any misalignments in foot structure. Using cast and computer technology, technicians in an orthotic laboratory design a device that balances out deformities and corrects misalignments.

The finished orthotic is placed in your shoe to support the foot and eliminate abnormal foot biomechanics by keeping the foot properly aligned. Depending on the patient’s needs, the orthotic may have padding to cushion the foot and make it more comfortable. Orthotics devices can be made available at our clinic on request.

Here are some benefits of Physiotherapy:

  1. Custom Orthotics May Effectively Correct Misalignment and Foot Abnormalities
  2. Helps Ease Pain
  3. May Help You Gain Proper Posture
  4. Orthotics Offer Enhanced Foot Support
  5. Orthotics Provide Joint Protection
  6. Orthotics Help Enhance Your Overall Health
  7. Orthotics May Help Prevent Foot Injuries and Their Recurrence

Stockings and Braces

Whether ankle, knee, spine, hand, elbow, or shoulder: when the joints hurt, Bauerfeind Train active supports help. They consist of a stretchable, breathable knitted fabric with elastic profile inserts. They provide support and massage the joint with every movement. This stimulates blood circulation and supports the healing process. They are easy to put on and do not constrict.

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