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In our lifestyles today many of us are experiencing stress almost daily. Unfortunately our bodies tend to have the same biochemical reactions to anything that stresses us out, even though the stress response isn’t actually helpful in these non life-threatening situations. So many of us are constantly experiencing a more subtle form of stress and we’ve probably become quite used to it. Being part of a society that encourages “busyness”, means that many people pride themselves on being overly busy and may ignore how they are feeling. Unfortunately this attitude can wreak havoc on our health, as we may not consider the long-term consequences of stress.

How it Affects Health

The stress response basically makes parts of our bodies go into overdrive, while it deprives other parts of blood and oxygen. The body will try to adapt to sustained stress and it has limited energy to do so. Initially, the body will use the most effective response to a stressor, for example increased heart rate to deliver oxygen to tissues in need. However if the situation is chronic and long-term adaptation occurs, then this can cause wear and tear. In the example given, it could cause heart disease as a result of hypertension

In Summary, chronic stress has been linked to:

Massage Therapy


Calm360 is a unique space for anyone looking for calmness and relaxation. We offer an array of treatments specifically designed to help soothe the tension and stress of your day-to-day life.

For an experience like no other, visit us at Calm360 to let one of our highly trained therapists ease you into a state of complete calm.

“The greater the level of calmness of our mind, the greater our peace of mind, the greater our ability to enjoy a happy and joyful life.” – Dalai Lama

Client Testimonial

What People Say

Abhishek Rao
Abhishek Rao
Excellent service. Melanie is the best for your RMT needs
Keval Kadam
Keval Kadam
This new Wellness center is amazing. Ample parking space and welcoming front desk. Melanie is an experienced and qualified RMT. She is awesome. I have become a regular client to this wellness place.
Praveen Reddy
Praveen Reddy
Bought these amazing powered sun glasses from this amazing place. First, about the product, as you see in the image, these glasses are kind of hybrid. You have the frame with powered lenses and those two optional magnetic attachments that serve as shades. So you can detach those shades when not needed. Second, not only the product, the people of calm 360 are cool too. They are not only trying to sell their product but also doing their best to delight customer. Affordable prices are an add on here. Thank you, Calm 360, I wouldn't have known about this product without your help. P.S: I am writing this review after 3 months of my experience with these glasses, and they are doing great. I would highly recommend this place for your wellness needs.
jk ram
jk ram
Best place for wellness. Friendly and helpful.
Dk St
Dk St
Amazing customer service and great massage experience. I went for neuro massage and would like to point out the AHA moment for me while visiting them was that the massage therapist Melanie actually analyzed the body matrix mapping before actually working issue areas! Will definitely recommend them and revisit them again soon.
dadhichi bhatt
dadhichi bhatt
Simply Amazing… I have used Massage service And I have great experience. Massage therapist was excellent, and great Customer service i have received from Manager. Highly recommended…
rahul jaggi
rahul jaggi
The options are great and they are extremely helpful and candid in their advise
S. L.
S. L.
I cannot recommend Calm 360 Wellness and optical highly enough. I went there to purchase eyeglasses. I was amazed at the welcoming atmosphere and the attentiveness that they offered. The manager relates not as one who wishes to make a sale but as one who is sincere in his wish to assist in making the best possible choice. He was patient, professional, helpful and more importantly very kind. You can feel that he really cares about his customers. Dealing with such an authentic person was a great experience. If you are looking fo an incredible service with a special personal approach along with needs, this is the right place !
Suhaib Abbasi
Suhaib Abbasi
Amazing place! My go-to wellness spot!
Hrishikesh Shahapurkar
Hrishikesh Shahapurkar
Amazing place, very accommodating and great masseuse. Definitely a place to go..the best part is these guys always have a smile on their face

Cancellation Policy

We require the MINIMUM of 48 hours notice to cancel/reschedule an appointment or make changes to the duration of a session

This allows other clients the opportunity to book in your place while showing consideration for the therapist’s time. Failure to provide 48 hours’ notice will be considered a missed session and the client will be billed in full.

To make changes to your scheduled appointment, please contact us by phone at 905.668.8360 or email: info@calm360.ca at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee being charged to your account.

Last Minute Cancellation Fee:

50% of the cost of the scheduled appointment.

100% of the cost of the scheduled appointment for appointments canceled with less than 48 hours of notice.

No Show (Missed) Appointment Fee:
100% of the cost of the missed appointment.

Note: In the case of one of our therapists calling in sick, injured or experiencing a family emergency, we will do our very best to give you as much notice as possible and to arrange for an alternate appointment time with another therapist or your regular therapist as soon as possible.

Appointment Day

Please arrive early to your first appointment to allow yourself enough time to fill out any missing paperwork. You will be required to pay for the full fee of your scheduled appointment if you arrive late to the appointment.

Direct Billing to Insurance


We cannot always guarantee that your claim will go through. If we are unable to submit your claim: You will be required to pay in full for your appointment.

It is the responsibility of the policyholder for direct billing to find out if they require a doctor’s note for their treatments as well as knowledge of any other restrictions, benefit maximums, deductibles, or co-payments.

It is the responsibility of the policyholder when direct billing to contact the insurance company to resolve any of the following issues:

  • the claim is denied (sometimes an audit is being done).
  • the claim is being paid out to the member and not the clinic.
  • the insurance company denies a claim due to requiring additional information.

All clients have to be set up for direct deposit and have an account with their insurance company in order for Calm360 to be able to put through any payments through direct billing.

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